As a non-denominational Ordained Clergy Person, I specialize in performing ceremonies that are not dictated by ancient texts, but instead are shaped and modeled uniquely for you with my guidance. Do not let this list limit your creativity, as I am open to all expressions of love, remembrance and honor.

Marriages – legal and official in the state of Maryland and beyond

Commitment/Affirmation of Love – for those waiting for the legal right to marry, or those who reject legal marriage altogether

Hand Fasting – a form of marriage that is confirmed by the joining of the right hands of the bride and bridegroom. The traditional European ceremony is known to have been used both as permanent and trial marriage.

Renewal of Marriage – for any age or stage of life, whether prompted by a milestone in your relationship or just on a whim

Baby Namings – share your joy with the world and set them on the right path

Coming of Age Rituals – task-based, symbolic, or both – it is up to you and your family

Holiday Feasts – celebrate the sacred reasons to bring people together around a table, without religion

Fasting – a vow to yourself, a test, or an act towards purification

Funerals – remember your loved one, gain a sense of closure, and reflect upon your future

A non-denominational ceremony is a great equalizer between two families of different religions or backgrounds that are coming together as one. I will honor any mentions of spirituality or religion that you deem important to include at your event.



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