Sometimes I just write the ceremony.

Do you have someone important to you or your family that you’d like to perform your marriage ceremony, but aren’t sure if they can handle all the responsibility? Maybe they’re short on time, or maybe you have a specific idea of what you want. A great compromise is having a professional like me help you craft your ceremony, so your friend/cousin/father/favorite pet can concentrate on the performance. I can even legally sign your marriage license if they’d rather not go through the hassle of getting ordained.

I pride myself on being that important link between personable and professional. I can make sure your ceremony reflects you, hits all the important points, and leaves some breathing room so your favorite uncle knows where he can put his “best jokes.” If you’d just like a wedding ceremony script, without the performance, just shoot me an email at mysecularwedding(at)gmail(dot)com and ask about my reduced fee!