Marriage Equality in Maryland

On the eve of election day, as we all hold our breath to see if Maryland will vote for Marriage Equality, I sit at home while my partner and his daughter play a board game in the  next room. Over dinner we discussed with her our reasons to vote for Question 6 tomorrow. It’s amazing how love, equality, and fairness are so obviously important to children. She understood immediately that two adults in love deserve to be married, just like her mom and step-dad, and that it is silly to tell them not to. She knows families are as unique as the people in them. I guess we’ve taught her well. I look forward to a time when all Marylanders are allowed the privilege of choice. When we can all choose to be civilly wed, like Eva’s mom and step-dad, or to remain partnered without the law’s involvement, like her dad and me.

Just a few days ago my band got to play a Marriage Equality benefit show (as highlighted in City Paper with this giant photo!) and I am hoping my involvement with equality does not end there, but that I have the chance to participate over and over as the wedding officiant for any couple in love here in the Free State.