It’s your wedding, not theirs.

After a recent ceremony at the Mt. Washington Arboretum, I gave the bride some advice. Well, first I asked her if I could, acknowledging that she has probably received a ton of unsolicited words of wisdom lately! After gaining her consent I told her that she doesn’t owe anyone anything for the rest of the … Continue reading

Can’t fly? Skype your wedding!

David & Jeremy were a treat! Thanks to the wifi at Hotel Monaco here in Baltimore, we were able to perform this short, sweet, and LEGAL ceremony in front of their parents via Skype, the video chat service. We set the iPad close to us, spoke loud enough for them to hear, and got to … Continue reading

Brunch Wedding!

Nick and Alana were very conscious of having a meaningful ceremony – not only for them, but their friends and family and fellow activists. Pulling from their personal political beliefs, we helped craft a ceremony that felt like we were all involved in helping to shape their relationship, and that we had a stake in … Continue reading

Pet Wedding!

I love my job! The love between two people is a transformative thing to witness, but the love between human and animal is another thing altogether. I was asked by the Ottobar to officiate a (tongue in cheek) Pet Wedding, where people could bring their pets and pledge their vows (usually involving a promise to … Continue reading

Alaina & Canon

What an easy-going couple! They seemed totally relaxed on the day of their wedding. Of course it helps that they held the ceremony at Hotel Monaco, where they take care of everything, and that our ceremony was solidified a month in advance. It just goes to show, the sooner you plan and decide on all … Continue reading